Take latest ransomware outbreak as warning
Employees watch electronic boards to monitor possible ransomware cyberattacks at the Korea Internet and Security Agency in Seoul, South Korea, on May 15. The WannaCry cyberattack was the biggest in history. [Yun Dong-jin/Yonhap via AP, file].and more »

How to protect yourself against ransomware
The recent spread of the WannaCry malware offered a grim reminder of the mounting threat of ransomware attacks. Over the past years, ransomware attacks have turned into a lucrative business, raking in millions of dollars for cybercriminals. The degree ...Hackers De-activating WannaCry Ransomware Kill Switch - Prepare For A New Attack Now!KomandoBe ready for new ransomware attacksSt. George Daily SpectrumWannaCry Ransomware promises second wave of attacksBlasting NewsNormangee Star -pppFocus -I-Connect007all 16 news articles »

Mobile ransomware more than tripled in Q1 of 2017
The number of mobile ransomware files detected reached 218,625 during the quarter, compared to 61,832 in the previous quarter, with the Congur family accounting for more than 86%. Ransomware targeting all devices, systems and networks also continued ...and more »

New Security Flaw Leaves Door Wide Open For Another Global Ransomware Attack
Ransomware attacks surged in 2016. The FBI estimates that victims paid nearly $1 billion in ransom last year alone. These attacks are getting worse in 2017. I'm sure you've heard about the WannaCry ransomware outbreak that infected over 300,000 ...

Services Interrupted As Hospitals Push Fixes For WannaCry Ransomware Exploit
Running outdated versions that cybercriminals can compromise is simply a bad idea. So, why would anyone put off installing a Windows update that Microsoft considered critical, like the one that fixed a vulnerability exploited by the WannaCry ransomware?Everything you need to know about WannaCry ransomwareGeektimeSeven ways to avoid ransomware and other anti-PC ploysPhilly.comWannaCry Gives Consumers a First Look into RansomwareDark ReadingCNET -Komando -Jackson Clarion Ledgerall 161 news articles »

More Evidence Points to North Korea in Ransomware Attack
SAN FRANCISCO — More evidence emerged Monday that North Korean hackers were behind the global ransomware attack that still holds hundreds of thousands of computers hostage. There are now hard links connecting a group of North Korean hackers ...'Strong Links' Now Tie North Korea To WannaCry Ransomware PandemicForbesSymantec says 'highly likely' North Korea group behind ransomware attacksCNBC10 ways to protect your Windows computers against ransomwareTechRepublicPhys.Org -Foreign Policy -ZDNet -The Official Microsoft Blog - Microsoftall 313 news articles »

How to protect yourself from the global ransomware attack
Security experts are bracing for more fallout from Friday's worldwide WannaCry ransomware attack, which has so far affected more than 150 countries and major businesses and organizations, including FedEx, Renault and Britain's National Health Service.Ransomware attack: Who's been hitCNNMoneyRunning Windows? How to protect against the big ransomware attackUSA TODAYWhat Entrepreneurs Need to Know About RansomwareInc.comPBS NewsHour -New York Times -MalwareTech -The Official Microsoft Blog - Microsoftall 2,086 news articles »

What is ransomware? - May. 15, 2017 - CNNMoney
The technique of using a computer virus to hold data hostage has been around for decades, gaining more notoriety in recent years. But the massive attack that ...and more »